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  • Novo Nordisk’s closely watched semaglutide has already shown it can spur weight loss in diabetic patients. Now it’s added evidence that it can help nondiabetic obesity patients shed pounds, too.

  • The feds charged five doctors over accepting Insys' bribes and said they've secured cooperation from two former employees.

  • While it could not have been a wilder NCAA March Madness kickoff weekend, complete with the first-ever No. 16 knockoff of a No. 1 seed, the #FierceMadness drug naming tournament saw its own upsets in the round of 64. Our tournament mirrored the NCAA's, in fact, with No. 16 Giapreza sending home No. 1 Xiidra. And who would have expected Kisqali and Eucrisa to also bow out this early?

  • Glaxo just got its important new vaccine Shingrix into more than 9,800 CVS locations across the U.S. The deal gives GSK a massive platform for launching the shingles shot.

  • In what may be the first foray by Big Pharma into the sale of medical marijuana products, Novartis has struck a deal with a Canadian company that sells medical cannabis products not only in its home country but also in Europe.

  • Bavarian Nordic, which already holds a smallpox vaccine stockpiling contract, has expanded its partnership with the U.S. government to include an R&D pact on a prophylactic vaccine against the equine encephalitis virus.

  • Merck just accomplished a feat its rivals haven’t so far. England’s influential cost-effectiveness gatekeepers backed Keytruda, the company's immuno-oncology drug, to treat bladder cancer patients, becoming the first I-O med to win their favor in that cancer type.

  • Hikma has already cut 200 jobs since picking up generics business Roxane Labs from Boehringer Ingelheim. But more layoffs are coming.

  • Please don’t go, Ian Read. That’s the message Pfizer’s board of directors has made loud and clear to the almost-65-year-old CEO, as the company navigates a host of challenges.

  • Bayer is struggling with more than just sales at its important consumer health business. This week, the company kicked off another Alka-Seltzer recall because some packages were labeled with ingredients mismatched with the drugs inside. It's Bayer's second recall on that product in less than a year.

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