PACRA - The Concept

PACRA was born out of the recognition that whilst there are a number of organizations offering a variety of training and education resources / services to clinical research professionals on a global basis, there was no single organization providing such resources / services with a dedicated focus on Asia. PACRA will therefore focus its efforts on the enhancement of all aspects of clinical research training / education and news / information within this defined geographical remit. PACRA’s training and education will be managed on a demand driven basis.

East-West Geographical Coverage

PACRA's geographical coverage extends from Japan in the east through to the Arabian peninsula in the west, following the network of trade-routes known as the “Silk Road” or “Silk Route”.

North-South Geographical Coverage

From a north-south perspective, PACRA's geographical coverage extends from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Indian Ocean and South China Sea in the south.

PACRA - A Registered Company

Pan-Asian Clinical Research Association (PACRA) is headquartered in Singapore and is established as a company limited by guarantee (Registration Number 200909233W). Governed by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) - Singapore) a copy of the PACRA 'Business Profile' can be obtained for a small fee through the ACRA website.


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