Singapore officially known as the Republic of Singapore is a small Southeast Asian country state but with a very powerful economic growth. It is also known as the lion city and its main strength is its harbour or port and it is considered to be the world’s busiest in terms of tonnage handled. Singapore has a strong international trading link and it being the port of transhipment has earned great revenue making it the world’s third highest GDP in Purchasing Power Parity. In terms of the healthcare industry in Singapore the main responsibility is held by Singapore Government’s Ministry of Health (MOH). The non-modified universal healthcare system of Singapore is such that the government ensures affordability of healthcare within the public health system through a system of compulsory savings, subsidies and price controls. The public sector dominates the acute care sector, delivering 80% of the care in this sector. The primary care sector is dominated by private sector providers, which account for about 80% of the market. There are four main tiers of protection or scheme: MediSave, MediShield, ElderShield and MediFund under which most of the Singapore population are covered.

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