United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates governed by a hereditary emir/prince in each of the emirate and with a single national president. It ranks among the world’s wealthiest nation in terms of GDP (Purchasing Power Parity). The UAE government consists of three branches: the executive, legislature and judiciary. UAE’s strong relation towards foreign cooperation, modernization and investment has given way to widespread diplomatic and commercial relations with other countries. In terms of healthcare UAE is considered to have a very high standard of healthcare delivery. It is free for the UAE citizens. The Ministry of Health is also undertaking a multimillion dollar program to expand all the facilities in hospitals, clinics and other medical centres in all the seven emirates. The current policy of the health ministry is governed by a strategic framework for 2008-10, which was announced in 2007. Some of the key initiatives that are to be implemented within the framework include a telemedicine network, a medical archiving system, a national health database and a staff training program. With increase in population and disease UAE understand the need for more and improved healthcare facility and is working towards the same.

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