Youbook is a human capital management and advisory firm, providing executive search and talent solutions to corporates and industry leaders. With more than 15 years of experience, our functional expertise focuses on recruitment, staffing, training & coaching, industry research & publications and strategy consulting services across multiple industry sectors. In particular, Youbook has developed deep expertise, bolstered by our extensive networks and the domain knowledge of our consultants, in the Engineering/Oil & Gas, Banking and Finance, Corporate & Shared Services, Information Technology & Healthcare. Youbook's regional presence in Dubai, Bangalore, Singapore and Malaysia, demonstrates its commitment to talent development in Asia.

At Youbook, we have a unique set of values that sets us apart from others in the industry – we help you write your own success story. This is built on two fundamental pillars of empowerment and partnership. We work with candidates to identify their strengths and empower them to shape their destiny by realising their aspirations through our in-house expertise in sectoral knowledge and training & development. At the same time, by leveraging on our industry experts, we provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of their human capital needs, reflected in our comprehensive and customized solutions. In fulfilling these promises, we firmly believe in the value of developing relationships with clients and candidates, as long-term trusted partners. These values are enshrined in our organizational philosophy and culture as reflected in our name – Youbook, giving you the chance to write your own success story. To know more about Youbook click here.

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