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PACRA offers a range of services in relation to training and quality in clinical trials. These include clinical research / relevant soft skills training, quality assurance (audit) services and expert training consultancy.

Training - Services - Clinical Trials Asia

PACRA offers a range of standard as well as specially tailored training courses for companies and institutions across Asia. For more information, please contact our Director of Training, Steven Bukvic.

PACRA can provide a range of professional, independent audits. Fore more information, please contact Director of Quality Assurance, Steven Bukvic and / or Quality Assurance Manager, Ludmila Kim.

Quality Assurance - Services - Clinical Trials Asia
Consultancy - Services - Clinical Trials Asia

With over 20 years experience in pharmaceutical research, and covering the fields of clinical research, medical information, quality management, pharmacovigilance and training, Jane Winter (Founding Director of PACRA) and Steven Bukvic, (Chairman and Founding Director of PACRA) are only a short link away for providing expert training consultancy services for your company.

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